Ooh. A Google Drive CLI tool that works properly!

In a past post I mentioned gsync, which I started using to do offsite data sync from my Linux boxes and NAS at home to Google Drive.

It worked, of sorts, but I found it wasn’t quite perfect and I struggled to get the changes I needed sorted out – I’m heavily invested in a couple of other FLOSS projects and found the time I needed to give to gsync just wasn’t there. So I stopped using it and went back to holding my breath…

Until earlier in the week I ran across rclone. Written in Go (not a language I’m familiar with at all), this looked like a useful bit of kit but I wondered how well maintained it was, whether it was already suffering API bitrot (like a number of other sync clients which have foundered in the past).

I needn’t have worried. For the first time, I was able to download, install, configure and run without patching; didn’t have to worry about MIME types, and it’s now merrily uploading almost 1 terabyte of data (which I reckon will take about two weeks due to Virgin Media’s traffic management policy).

The most interesting thing about it is the extensible support for multiple cloud storage platforms. Right now it has support for:

  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Openstack Swift / Rackspace cloud files / Memset Memstore
  • Dropbox
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • The local filesystem

This looks like it’s going to form an exceedingly useful weapon in my work and home tech armoury. I might look into extending it towards Microsoft’s OneDrive API, if I’ve got time, because that will provide a useful “missing link” at work (where we have both Office365 and Google platforms in use alongside on-premise storage).

More news as I have it.


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